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omar salum

Omar Salum had his first contact with Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) in September 1993 through two friends, Luis Neto and Kleber Gadelha, both of them BJJ blue belts at Monteiro Academy.

Those friends used to promote competition in their backyard as a “challenge”. Omar barely a teenager, had his first Jiujitsu exposure against a 12 year old boy. Stuck-up Salum expected an easy win, but the young boy all of sudden submitted Omar. Angry, he asked for another match. One more time, he was taken by the same position (Real neck choke). That was one of the most important days in Omar’s life, especially when he figured out that boy was an Orange belt BJJ. From that day, Salum decided to dedicate his life to learn and practice this special martial art. Today, Omar has more than 250 medals. During these 23 years, he created nearly 250 new black belts around the world, while building the champions legacy wherever he goes. In Brazil and France, Omar’s students represent “Omar Salum Brazilian Jiujitsu” and carry pride with every podium win.


Professor Karoline Braga, born in Amazonas, Brazil started training in 2013 in Brazil, where she soon stood out with her performance and developed a passion for the sport. In 2015, she decided to move to the United States to set up her own gym with Professor Omar Salum, her husband, in Hemet-California, where she currently lives. She is a skilled, dedicated competitor and has won numerous titles over the years.

Karoline has been leading the Women’s Program at Gracie Humaita Hemet since 2018, receiving her Black Belt from Omar Salum in 2022. Karoline’s passion for teaching is readily apparent. A great inspiration for many women. Her main achievements are:
IBJJF Asia Jiu Jitsu Absolut Open-Weight – Gold medalist (2019)
IBJJF European Jiu Jitsu (Gi) gold medalist (2022)
Words Masters
Pan No-Gi
Pan Gi
2021 Masters North America


My name is Dan and I started training in 2009 under the tutelage of Professor Mauricio Mariano “Tinguinha” at the TBJJ Academy in Anaheim Ca. There I received my Blue and Purple belt in BJJ under Tinguinha. There as a purple belt I was assigned to teach the Fundamentals/Drills BJJ, Beginners Muay Thai and Beginners Combat/MMA classes.

Due to unforeseen injuries and personal ventures I was left no choice but to take a leave of absence from BJJ for many years.

Fast forward to 2018, my family and I had already relocated to a different city. My son Lucas was old enough to learn and I wanted him to start training BJJ. It was then that we found the Gracie Humaita Hemet BJJ Academy led by Professor Omar Salum, and he and his wife Karol welcomed us with open arms. After my son’s intro class, professor Omar mentioned something that stuck to me ever since. He said to me,  “my friend, you have to lead(my son) by example.” And it was then that I decided to start training BJJ again along with my son. Soon after, my wife Martha and my daughter Sophie decided to try it out aswell and we have been training here as a Family ever since.


Minor accomplishments 

-Brown Belt

JJWL 2019 World Championship

JJWL 2019 #1 Brown M1 Lightweight


-Black Belt

JJWL 2022 The Worlds (2nd place)

JJWL 2022 California V

IBJJF 2022 Phoenix Open (3rd place)

IBJJF 2022 Santa Cruz Open


Major Accomplishments 

-Training alongside my wife, my son and my daughter at Gracie Humaita Hemet as a Family 🙂


Jona urueta is a black belt under professor Omar Salum. He assists with coaching at Gracie Humaita Hemet jiu-jitsu academy. Jona has been training jiu-jitsu jitsu and competing since 2017. He has a great passion for the martial art and  enjoys training and sharing his knowledge. It is his belief that great life balance and values can be achieved through discipline and dedication. He believes that great satisfaction and joy can be found in challenging yourself on a daily basis and that through that struggle we grow more confident and adept.


Noticeable accomplishments : 


Ibjjf Los Angeles open (gi) gold medalist (2018)

Jiu-jitsu world league so cal (gi) gold medalist (2019)


Jiu-jitsu world league worlds championship (gi) gold medalist (2019)


Jiu-jitsu world league San Diego (gi)silver medalist (2019)

Gabriel Barragan

Gabriel Barragan started wrestling at West Valley Hemet High school in 1995. He loved the sport so much, could not stay off the mats, and became a wrestling coach and has been coaching the Hemet and San Jacinto valley for 24 years. Gabriel expanded his horizons and started Jiu Jitsu in 2004. He received his Black Belt under Professor Omar in April 2022.

trevor pike

Hello, my name is Trevor Pike and I am a Jiu Jitsu instructor/student under Omar Salum at Gracie Humaita in Hemet California. I started my jujitsu journey shortly after my 30th birthday in May 2017. with no athletic background I was a little nervous, yet knew I was in great hands being a certified Gracie Academy.  

Competing several times I have taken gold in the IBJJF open Los Angeles 2018 in my division and bronze in 2020 for JJWL in Arizona. Looking forward to competing to add to the collection as well as represent our Academy.

Through the years have thoroughly enjoyed coaching and teaching, watching new students rise through the ranks, and overcome even their own personal obstacles. Attending events to be in the corner of our competitors of all ages. No better feeling in the world than greeting someone on their first day to watching their hand be raised in victory as they earn a gold medal for the first time. 

Sharing this sport and the legacy of the Gracie family, being able to teach people self-defense which helps instill confidence in a life-changing way is the reason I love Jiu Jitsu.

shalom merriman

A native resident of Hemet, Shalom Merriman is one of Prof. Omar Salum’s original students upon his arrival to the United States in 2018.5

Under his guidance and discipline, she developed a deep-rooted passion for the sport and art of Jiu Jitsu. Circumstance disallowed her from training consistently for several years, but even while unable to train, her desire to continue growing in the art only increased. She returned to train daily (and often multiple times a day) in 2020 and has since decided to make her career as a competitor and coach. In 2022 as a Purple Belt, she has medaled in both Gi and NoGi tournaments through Jiu Jitsu World League, and was ranked #1 Female Adult Purple Belt (Gi) in the San Diego/LA region, and #2 Female Adult Purple Belt (Gi) across the United States: a promising start for a very young career.

Shalom is a dedicated athlete and coach with a passion for excellence and precision. She takes pride in her ability to break down moves and scenarios into easily understood concepts that apply both globally and situationally. She values the practice of personal responsibility and discipline Jiu Jitsu fosters, and hopes to pass that on to students and training partners alike. The unique social connection between training partners is an important part of facilitating this personal development, and Shalom strives to contribute to an environment where this is possible.

Outside of the studio, Shalom enjoys writing music, playing guitar, and lifting weights.

2016 White belt Gold

2022 JIWL Purp’e a gold, I silver tODd Gravie in- house theret -Gold

eddie dennis

Eddie Dennis started training and competing in jiu jitsu in 2018. Originally he put his son in jiu jitsu to build his confidence and help with bullying that was going on at school but after a few months of seeing how much fun his son was having he decided to join in and also brought his wife and daughter into training as well. As Eddie progressed in Jiu Jitsu his love for the art continued to grow. So as a later white belt he started helping coach and as a later blue belt went on to instructing kids and teens classes. Off the mats Eddie enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and off-roading. 


Notable accomplishments: 

Bronze Medal – San Diego Gracie Humaita Tournament (February 2019)

Silver medal – Jiu Jitsu World League SoCal Championship (September 2019)

Brandon Arredondo

Brandon Arredondo is a purple belt under Professor Omar Salum. He assists with coaching the kids and teens of the Gracie Humaita Hemet Jiu Jitsu Academy. He started training and competing in Jiu Jitsu in 2018. Despite being an avid competitor, Brandon’s favorite part of Jiu Jitsu is giving back to the sport and local community by coaching the future generation. His goal is to help create a generation of strong, confident, and respectful young humans who can defend themselves in a variety of situations. Brandon plans to continue competing and coaching for as long as he can. He aims to follow in the footsteps of his Professor and become a multiple time World Champion of the sport. Brandon also aspires to travel the world competing and teaching seminars. After eventually earning his black belt and winning many titles, Brandon dreams of opening his own academy to continue giving back to the Jiu Jitsu community and raising a new generation of champions.

Notable Accomplishments:
IBJJF San Jose Open (Gi) bronze medalist (Apr 2019)
IBJJF San Jose Open (No-Gi) bronze medalist (Apr 2019)
Jiu Jitsu World League SoCal Championship gold medalist (Sep 2019)


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